Proud World Evolution Game Pill God Man City Chapter 864 Earth Killing Technique

“Is this the Heaven and Earth Killing Technique? Simulate all things bred in the world to attack and kill? Or let everything bred in the world be used by yourself?” Chen Xiang pondered. The mountains, rivers, real madrid, beasts, Mozzartbet sun, moon and stars can all be used to attack. The killing techniques in this world are all-encompassing. The Four Elephants Divine Art and the Taiji Subduing Dragon Art all have the figure of Heaven and Earth Killing Art. He has tried to use his strength to condense a mountain to attack before, and the effect is really good. This is also a kind of Heaven and Earth Killing chelsa attack. The real world killing technique is stronger. When he was in the world of holy alchemy, he met a star blank tiger clan named Bai Xing, that Bai Xing could summon the stars, and this is also available in the heaven and earth killing technique! Summoning the stars in the sky to fall down, this is the innate ability of the starry white tiger clan, and the starry white tiger clan is also conceived by heaven and earth, so there is also this super power in the heaven and earth killing technique! Now Chen Xiang understands why the Heaven and Earth Slashing Technique is so powerful, this is the originator of thousands of techniques in the world, if it is cultivated to great success, it can create the world! The Heaven and Earth Slaying Art Betking that Shen Xiang is learning now is to teach him how to let his own power turn into great rivers, mountains and rivers, sun, moon and stars, and reverse the Yin and Yang of heaven and earth. This is a very profound technique. But getting started requires one condition, which is to be able to control the killing spirit that is difficult for ordinary people to control. The power possessed by heaven and earth can obliterate a large number of creatures at any time, and in the Champions League for countless years, countless creatures have been killed by heaven and earth, and a large amount of killing spirit has been condensed, but heaven and earth can restrain it and transform it into more Strong Bet9ja power! Heaven and earth killing technique is to teach people how to learn



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