Night Ranger Chapter Twenty 1xBet BetWinner The Abandoned Altar

Share this site by title and author: Style settings Recommended reading: Tips: The reading records at the top of the page will automatically save the reading records on your computer, no need to register walking through the forest. Many occupations actually have hidden talents that are not clearly written. For example, the hidden talent of a thief is walking through the city and stealing calmly; the hidden talent of a wizard is that it is easy to concentrate; and the hidden talent of a ranger is mostly reflected in the wilderness. Walking through the wilderness and woods, they will feel like a fish in water. After Marvin got the severed finger of the Lich in the magic Surebet247 box, he left the Scarlet Monastery immediately. He had already got what he could get from BGaming, so Betking had to retreat decisively. After all, the Scarlet Monastery is full of crises, and monsters such as demon god executors are still too powerful for the current Marvin Paripesa. It’s stupid to take unnecessary risks. He walked through the Hall Mountains, avoiding possible lurking monsters, and headed northwest all the way. Not too far away, there is an abandoned altar hidden. In Marvin’s plan, he had to go to that altar. It’s just that with the help of the headless girl, he was really pleasantly surprised by the Lich’s severed finger, because it meant that he could use this thing to get more good things from the altar! Marvin checked 22Bet and looked at various records while walking: Knowledge-Leap God (Lich’s severed finger): You got the Lich’s severed finger. There is a trace of extremely faint divinity attached to it. This is a very powerful lich, he is almost god, but



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