Ao Shi Dan Bet9ja God Liverpool Chapter 849 Pill City Chaos

“Three days later, we will definitely remove the barrier. Huang Jintian from Tiantian Shuba, you know us well, so you probably don’t want to conflict with our Evolution game right now. Massacre!” The person who spoke was an old affiliate, but his old voice was very powerful, making it very pleasant to hear. “If you dare to touch people from my Taiwu Sect, you will be responsible for the consequences yourself!” After Huang Jintian chelsa finished speaking, he took Gu Dongchen away, and the four mysterious white-robed men with white jade masks who followed him didn’t know it. The feeling disappears. Hua Xiangyue, Liu Menger and Dongfang Xinyue all entered the Dingsheng Medicine Shop, Chen Xiang guessed that the four disappeared mysterious white-robed men should protect Liu Menger and the others in the Dingsheng Medicine Shop, they were brought by Huang Jin Tianrumble people, very mysterious. “Those four guys are very strange and powerful! Your master BGaming is really mysterious!” Long Xueyi was very curious, and at this moment, even her spiritual sense dared not fly around. Bai Youyou said coldly: “You’d better not see Hua Xiangyue and the others right now, they will definitely be stared at! You have to kill as many people from the ancient forces as possible within these three days, and let them know that it was Li Shanren Endorphina who did it. Yes!” The mysterious female demon was full of murderous looks at this time, and continued: “These people are not good people. They will use any means to deal with you in order to obtain the heaven and earth killing technique. Of course, they don’t know your real identity now! You just Teach them a lesson and let them remember better! It will cost a lot to get the Heaven and Earth Slashing Technique.” “Brother Chen, hide better, I’ll go see the old man of my Duan family!” Duan San Often leave in a hurry. Chen Xiang turned into an ugly



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