World Proud Pill God Chapter 819 Livescore Xuandi Different Champions League Transformation

Chen Xiang, the silent thief, has now entered the wild and chaotic mysterious land. What is hidden in it, why are there so many ancient wild beasts, and there are a lot of rare treasures? This is what many people are very curious about. . Next to the lake live betting, Chen Xiang was waiting for his injury to recover. Every time he borrowed Long Xueyi’s power, this kind of thing would happen. As Long Xueyi’s power became stronger and stronger, the sequelae would become more serious. It took Chen Xiang a full three days to recover 80%, but it was enough for him to protect himself. On this day, the whole of the wild and mysterious land uttered bursts of shocking beast roars, and the cities near the wild and mysterious land were trembling from the huge noise. The howls of countless savage beasts, as if the king of beasts were born, enveloped the entire Rampant Xuande with a very depressing atmosphere, and the surrounding city of Betway, chelsa, was even more panicked, worried that there would be a rush inside. A large number of wild beasts came out. However, the sound only lasted for an hour, and then many ancient forces sent Betting people over one after another, preparing to enter the wild and random mysterious land, because there were rumors that there were tombs of divine beasts in the wild and random mysterious land. The Manlun Xuandi was originally a profound realm. Rumors say that it was opened up by a divine beast. It lived in it for countless years, but in the end it still couldn’t beat the years and died of old age in it. And the roar of the beast that uttered today is that The memories of the beasts. Of course, the guy who released this news from Betking was naturally released by Duan Sanchang from the Tomb Raider family. There are a lot of things he said, all of which he discovered when he observed the wild and mysterious land, which allowed him to infer this. There used to be a powerful beast in it, but the Bet9ja beast



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