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After the merger of the continents, they are divided into three major regions, the human domain, the demon domain, and the demon domain. The forces close to the border will go to negotiate and try to compromise. A war cannot break out in a short period of time, otherwise it will be of no benefit to anyone. The human domain is the largest, and the number of people is also the largest, and the human domain is now divided into five major regions, east, west, northwest, and middle. If you don’t rely on transmission, if you want to fly from the south to the east, the strong will have two Thirty years, if you want to span the entire human domain, it will take even longer time, let alone the rumble domain of the three major areas of human monsters and monsters. The Chenwu Continent is in the south, and there are two Tongtian families and two ancient holy realms here. Now they are in full swing, controlling a large part of the small Paripesa sects and families. In addition, some ancient sects and families, We also want to share a piece of the pie, dividing up many resources in the south. In just over a month, the big casino Slot game has been settled, and now there is no powerful force in the Premier League that can dominate the human domain, let alone the entire human domain, not even one area, such as the south, just There was an ancient sect who wanted to dominate and become the emperor of the south, but it didn’t take long for this ancient sect to be dismantled by many powerful forces in Endorphina. The great emperor in the south is not so easy for NetEnt to do, unless it has very strong strength, but flashscore is very unrealistic, because now the strength of every big power is very even and can check and balance each other. If the balance is broken, other The forces join hands to destroy. Chen Xiang was in the teleportation square of the King’s Continent, looking at those teleportation formations, he shook his head and sighed in his heart, this place was also full of people, because all the teleportation formations had failed, it was difficult to cross



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