The World-Proud Pill God Spinmatic Chapter 759 The Dream of the Divine Weapon Msports

List Peach Blossom Wonderland is holding a grand event at this time, inviting people with status in the new world to come to participate, but the two handsome men and women in front of Shen Leapxiang came to this place where no shit, Chen Xiang from their breath Let’s see, they are all people with good livescore in Paripesa. Quickly ㏑live betting “It turned out that he was just a beggar. No wonder he didn’t have any breath on his body. Did he come here to commit suicide?” The man also frowned and said, his eyes were full of disgust, as if he was very afraid that Betking would be dirty. “What are you looking at…” The woman saw Chen Xiang staring at her, which made her feel very uncomfortable. Although she didn’t mind others looking at her, but being stared at by such a dirty guy made her feel uncomfortable. I was very upset. Chen Xiang snorted coldly: “Aren’t you looking at me? I see what you have?” The young couple were stunned for a moment, they didn’t expect Chen Xiang to talk back. “Who would look at a filthy fellow like you?” the woman said angrily. “You don’t look at me, do you know that I look at you?” Chen Xiang laughed, he just climbed up from below, when he came up, he crushed to death many poisonous beasts and insects on the cliffs, and his whole body smelled of sweat. Dirty. But just as he was about to clean it, he discovered the people in this fairyland of peach blossoms. The man immediately became furious: “Dog, Betway’s mouth is quite tough!” Chen Xiang BGaming was not angry, but just smiled: “I am a human being, but you see me as a dog. Look at everything is a dog!” The noble boy in the majestic Peach Blossom Wonderland was repeatedly contradicted by such a sloppy guy at this time, the man was furious, his body shook, a pure qi burst out, and a burst of hot air burst out.



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