The World-Proud Endorphina Pill God Chapter 744 BetWinner Makes a Little Money

Shen Liverpoolxiang’s words really made those ten alchemy kings furious, but they couldn’t help but admit that they accepted Dongfang Lingyun’s fortune fruit, of course they had to help Dongfang Lingyun handle the flashscore matter, as for what it was, They don’t know yet. Dongfang Lingyun gritted his teeth secretly when he saw it, because it was Chen Xiang who uncovered his scheme, which made his image in Dongfang’s house drop, and the matter spread quickly, and he knew that it would not be long before this matter would spread throughout the entire The new world of baccarat spreads, and maybe he will be crusaded by the Dongfang family at that time. “Chen Xiang, since you keep saying that you can produce two pills of high-quality Pragmatic play miniature pills in one furnace, you must be really capable, why don’t you let everyone see and see, so that you can come from afar It’s an eye-opener for everyone, and secondly, you can also get a fortune fruit, why not do it?” Ling Chen calmed down and said lightly. A Fortune Fruit is already 22Bet the bottom line, if the bet is increased, if Chen Xiang really refines it, then the loss will be heavy. Chen Xiang Slot Games smiled slightly: “I didn’t come here to mess things up, I just think that the establishment of the Dan League is a good thing for the new world, it allows many famous alchemists to communicate and promote the way of alchemy, the boy can indeed The furnace refined two small pills, that’s just because I value the medicinal materials very seriously, and I must not sacrifice a lot of medicinal materials for the successful production of pills, sometimes success is not necessarily correct.” “Then still Please enlighten me, little friend Shen, let me open my eyes.” Although Ling Chen agrees with Chen Xiang’s words very much, who cares so much when refining alchemy, as long as he can produce alchemy, he will definitely be able to sell it anyway, who cares about him How much, how much quality, self-refined



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