Premier League Aoshi Danshen Chapter 7 Leap 29 Infatuated

Title of the book: Welcome everyone: The pair of big white rabbits on Liu Menger’s chest have jumped out completely, being kneaded back and forth by Chen Xiang’s big hand, while the lips of the two are sucking each other, lingering, and emitting bursts of honey The sound of sucking. From Liu Meng’er’s jade mouth, bursts of delicate fragrance came out with a slight moan, as if urging Chen Xiang’s evil fire, making him even more crazily rubbing Liu Meng’er’s crystal clear snow peak, and pinching the pink lotus seeds. Fang Xinyue had already noticed that Liu Menger and Chen Xiang were getting close, but she didn’t think that Chen Xiang would treat her wife’s master… She really didn’t expect that Liu Menger would get along well with Chen Xiang. Now, if she hadn’t seen their roulettes making out with such baccarat passion with her own eyes, she definitely wouldn’t have believed that this kid, Chen Xiang, would have captured Liu Meng’er, the lofty empress’ heart, and he had come quietly . “If this continues, they will definitely…” Dongfang Xinyue was in a state of confusion at this moment, she could not leave the Zhuque bone, otherwise she would be frozen by the power of ice, and a beautiful spring drama was unfolding in front of her eyes . Chen Xiang and Liu Menger’s lips finally parted, and just when Dongfang Xinyue began to breathe a sigh of relief, she saw Liu Menger’s eyes blurred and charming, full of thick spring waves, she knew that there was something worse to come. It happened, Chen Xiang started to kiss Liu Meng’er’s jade neck, and then continued down, calling out to the cherry red standing lotus seed. In the great array of fascination, Liu Meng Betking’er was also in high spirits at this time, her breasts stood up slightly, and she couldn’t help moaning softly when she felt Chen Xiang sucking. Seeing this confusing scene, Dongfang Xinyue blushed, took a deep breath, and hurriedly flipped through the pages.



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