Liverpool Alchemy God Affiliate Chapter 714 Little idiot

After waiting for a while, the little beauty who was humming a ditty didn’t even take off her clothes, which made Chen Xiang go crazy. “Damn it, taking off clothes is so slow, she really is a woman.” Chen Xiang thought to himself. “Take it off, take it off…” Long Xueyi, the little dragon, even urged her. With Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi, the two little scoundrels looking forward to the rumble, the little beauty finally took off a men’s clothing on the outside, but she was actually wearing some women’s clothes inside, which made them grit their teeth secretly. This little real madrid really wanted to take a bath in this pool, she turned her back to Chen Xiang, her movements were graceful and full of seductive charm, she slowly took off all the clothes, big and small, on her body. A body as delicate as snow jade immediately appeared in front of Chen Xiang. The slender, beautiful buttocks, the seductive waist and the pink back that wanted people to stick it on and kiss them all released a wild and seductive aura, making Chen Xiang’s stomach ache. The evil fire rises. The little beauty put her clothes into the casino slot, put her hair up, and walked sideways into the pool. At that moment, Chen Xiang saw something with a strong visual impact. , dotted with two touches of delicate pink chelsa, lingering in the breath of Chu Zi. “It’s a pity to go down.” Long Xueyi sighed. The little beauty was soaked in the water, and Yu’s face was full of cheerful smiles. While humming a little song, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the soaking in the warm spring water. “Little villain, what are your plans now.” Su Meiyao snorted tenderly, with a slightly sour voice. “Of course I went down and captured her alive, then 1xBet…then…” Chen Xiang hastily interrupted Long Xueyi’s reverie: “Then you, you little bad dragon, can’t be saved, it seems that only me



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