Betking Alchemy God Chapter 699 Strange Poison Strikes

[VIP][VIP] Chen Xiang didn’t know why he was able to levitate, and he was still falling slowly. Although his body suffered severe injuries, the Mozzartbet power of the Jade Dragon bloodline in his body released a strange energy to repair it. Let him recover quickly. Binghuo Chinese. “How the hell do you get rid of this demon seed? I don’t want to be possessed by a demon god!” Chen Xiang’s hand was still stuck to the black ball-like demon seed. Originally, Tai Yunhong’s arm was also on it, but But was sucked in by the demon seed. “Try using the demon-suppressing vitality? You have the demon-suppressing rumble premier league golden body, even if you get possessed, it shouldn’t be a big problem, right?” Long Xueyi said. “No way!” Chen Xiang released the demon-suppressing vitality, but it was immediately swallowed up: “I have the demon-suppressing golden body, but now I feel that if I fuse this demon seed, it will do me great harm , although it can bring me very powerful energy, but in the near future, I will become the puppet la liga of that **** demon god, and I have to give birth to his Spinmatic.” “Damn it, we must get rid of this thing, It seems that the only way to do it is to cut off the arm.” As Chen Xiang said, he was about to take out a knife. “No, the demon seed will now generate a powerful real madrid suction. If you cut off your arm, it will continue to stick to your body until it merges with you. After being selected by the demon seed, chelsa will be very difficult Escaped.” Bai Youyou hurriedly said: “Casino Slot is not to mention that this place is also very dangerous. betting” “Sister Youyou, I don’t want to be possessed by that bullshit demon god.” Chen Xiang said, he was going to swing the knife Slot Games, no matter if it works or not , he wants to try. “Wait a minute, all of these monsters are possessed because of the accumulation of a large amount of demonic death energy.



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