BetWinner Aoshi Danshen Chapter 684 Descending 22Bet Dragon Gate

Gu Dongchen walked back and forth in the hall with a thoughtful expression on his face. “Isn’t the Demon Conquering Academy very powerful in martial arts, but now it has joined forces with people from the Demon Realm, and the people from the Demon Realm are willing to do so. It’s hard to imagine that they plan to carve up the ordinary martial arts world.” Casino Slot Gu Dongchen said . “It’s very possible, because there will still be a group of uncivilized evil monsters in the demon world, so it will be very difficult for the demon world to swallow the mortal martial world.” Chen Xiang said. “It doesn’t make sense, this son of God has done well in both the heaven and here, and he will definitely go to the heaven in the future. He colluded with the devil, so what good is there for him.” Gu Dongchen said. “It seems that only Wang Shengren and the person behind the scenes know about Betway.” If FlashScore wants to figure out the conspiracy, Chen Xiang already has a plan in his mind. Memory can clear everything. The soul-destroying spell has been used perfectly by Chen Xiang. It can be used when the battle is over, and it will not be discovered by the opponent. If the opponent discovers it, he will have no choice but to silence it. “Tomorrow is the final, if we can face Wang Shengren, hehe…” Chen Xiang was very curious at this moment, what kind of conspiracy was the man behind Wang Shengren planning, and it must be of great importance. “You can kill people during martial arts competitions. Little uncle, you don’t want to bet the game to kill Wang Shengren. You must not do this kind of thing. The current situation is about to happen. If you kill Wang Shengren, the Conquering Demon Academy will definitely not let you go.” It’s your fault.” Gu Dongchen was very worried about Chen Xiang, now that Chen Xiang has not been regarded as the number one enemy by the Demonic Academy, those powerful old guys from the Demonic Academy have not made a move, otherwise



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