Slot Games Chapter 654 Youyao sports betting Jade Palace

Come to the door. ”The gate opened automatically, Chen Xiang walked in and closed 1xBet again, after entering the man city, a square came into view, he walked through the square to the backyard, and saw many fairy fields full of immortality, although there were no Things are being planted, but there are bursts of white mist floating in the soil. There are many houses here, courtyards, lakes, flowers, trees… there are many in la liga, just like a royal palace. What shocked Chen Xiang the most was that after he came in, he could sense some formations appearing in his mind. This is the great formation to protect this Immortal Mansion. These formations are very mysterious, and they are all powerful immortals Array, but it needs a lot of energy to drive. “Finally you can come out for a stroll!” With a flick of Chen Xiang’s arm, a sweet and lovely girl in white clothes appeared, and she floated down from the sky, looking a little dumbfounded. “Little fart dragon, when did you grow so big?” Chen Xiang said in surprise, last time Long Xueyi was only a little girl about ten years old, but now she looks like a girl of thirteen or fourteen years old Generally, the most surprising thing about betting Surebet247 is that her full and upright chest is in great contrast with her appearance. Shen Betking Xiang can only describe this little dragon girl with big breasts in the words of a child. “You mean how did he grow up?” Long Xueyi smiled coquettishly, puffed out her chest, and giggled: “Now I know that he is not young!” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also got out of the ring at this time. Appeared, because this Immortal Mansion is protected by a large array, and it is absolutely safe inside, so they don’t have to worry about it. Seeing this woman wearing the same noble purple dress, Chen Xiang’s eyes straightened, although these clothes were



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