Aoshidan 1xBet God livescore Chapter 639 Silver Strange Fire

The man in red was so painful that his face was ferocious, his eyes were red, and his anger rose up, making him lose his mind. Leap now only wants to kill Chen Xiang desperately. In the world of holy pills, those who can refine baccarat pills are often not weak. Now everyone has opened their eyes, and even those old guys who have entered the nirvana realm feel ashamed. “Kirin, now. Msports” the man in red roared loudly, and saw a huge phantom of a unicorn suddenly appearing behind him. Seeing the huge and ferocious phantom of a unicorn, everyone was horrified and stared dumbfounded. At this time, Chen Xiang also felt a lot of pressure from the Pragmatic play, but the dragon power in his body was boiling even more, surging in his body like a howling sea, which filled his whole body with terrifying power. “The power of the unicorn.” The virtual image of the unicorn behind the man in red suddenly sprints, and suddenly flashes into the arm of the man in red. 22Bet saw the arm of the man in red suddenly swell, tearing the sleeve, revealing a ferocious look on the arm. Terrible blue veins, and a unicorn tattoo appeared on it, glowing red. Seeing that fist with “unicorn power” hitting, Chen Xiang felt his body was pushed by a chelsa invisible pressure, making him have to take a few steps back, but he was not to be outdone, the dragon power in his body It spurted out violently from his body, and suddenly a virtual image of a golden dragon appeared behind him. Seeing this golden dragon, everyone was completely shocked, because this poker dragon was very huge, it appeared right behind Chen Xiang, braving a dazzling golden brilliance, as if it had just flown out of the scorching sun, the entire square was covered by this dragon appeared, and fell into a panic



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