Alchemy God Chapter 6 Liverpool Chapter 24 Chelsa is a powerful woman

In front of so many people, Lin Yushi, the lonely thief, was so reprimanded by Du la liga Yan affiliate, which made him angry from embarrassment, and his handsome face turned blue and red with anger. <"Zi Lan, go and call that kid Roulette." Said the head teacher of Shengdanmen. Yan Zilan was a little reluctant, but she still left the hall. She had seen many people of all kinds, so she was not good at dealing with Paripesa. It was not difficult to see from the fact that she was attacking Lin Yushi desperately outside, and Chen Xiang He also snatched Lin Yushi's Chaos Fire Token. "City Master Du, you can go too." An old man said. "I'm not going." Du Yanyao snorted softly, she was getting angry. "Master Du, such a precious thing has been lost here. As the owner of the city, you have a certain responsibility for your livescore." The head teacher of Shengdanmen said coldly. Du Kangsheng saw these old guys making things so difficult, and he was secretly angry with Leap. Just as he was thinking, Du Yanyao's voice was cold, with anger, because you, the old immortals at the peak of strength, are lost. The owner of the small bet game is responsible. If there is any improper handling, please write to us and we will deal with it as soon as possible. Please forgive me if Pragmatic play brings you any trouble.



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