Aoshidan Surebet247 God Chapter 594 Tianzun Msports Ruins

Pragmatic play Du Yanyao and Chen Xiang couldn’t help recalling what happened that day, which made the atmosphere very embarrassing, especially for Du Yanyao, it was a very embarrassing thing for her, but she remembered herself very clearly Looking back on the shyness that day, she wished she could erase this memory. “Sir Shen, I’m actually curious why you didn’t attack me that day in Nairabet. In that case, I can’t blame you at all.” Du Yanyao said, she returned to her usual appearance at this time, she knew Only by being the original self can we soothe my inexplicably agitated heart, otherwise it will make her feel ashamed in front of Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang didn’t expect Du Yanyao to ask such a question. Du Yanyao stared at her, and asked: “Is it because of Endorphina that I am not attractive enough?” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “Of course not, to be honest, I really had many bad thoughts that day, but I thought that I was a man with a family, so I endured it!” Seeing Chen Xiang saying that he had a family, Du Yanyao’s heart suddenly throbbed with unspeakable sadness, but she said calmly : “Mr. Shen, will you participate in the Saint Alchemy Fair held by the Saint Alchemy Gate? It’s where young alchemists compete in alchemy!” “Oh? When will it start? Of course I want to participate!” Chen Xiang was overjoyed and hurriedly asked Dao, participating in this kind of alchemy competition will allow him to improve faster. If he can quickly find Paripesa’s demon-suppressing blood here, he plans to refine an earth-level low-grade alchemy here before going back. “One month later, it will be held in the Saint Pill Realm, so the chief disciple of the Saint Pill Sect will come to participate! I will also participate at that time.” Du Yanyao smiled slightly.



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