Aoshidan Live Betting God Chapter 579 Shot a stunning man city

Chen Xiang secretly scolded that Fan Yakun in his heart, he was so stingy when choosing the alchemy furnace, it was very difficult to get this kind of stuff, not to mention refining the mysterious pills, even the spiritual pills. But Fan Yakun himself wanted to refine mid-grade earth-level alchemy, Chen Xiang accidentally looked at Fan Yakun’s face, and saw that Fan Yakun was just like him, cursing Endorphina for this kind of rubbish alchemy furnace. Because of the alchemy furnace, the progress of the two is very slow, and they are burning the stubborn medicinal materials in the alchemy furnace little by little. If the fire is increased, the fragile alchemy furnace will melt immediately once it cannot withstand the heat. , also means failure. What reassures Fan Yakun is that he believes that Chen Xiang will definitely fail because of the alchemy furnace. At that time, there will only be two results, one is that both of them fail, and then, either he can successfully refine it, but for the latter Not much confidence. At this time, Chen Xiang’s alchemy furnace was already trembling, and it was shaking very far away, causing the people around to discuss and panic, worried that a large group of Slot Games flames would suddenly burst out in Liverpool, because Chen Xiang’s alchemy furnace emitted The momentum of the fire flames that came out was very compelling, with a fierce and domineering momentum, it burst out wave after wave, sweeping the entire square. It’s just the momentum, the flashscore can be so strong, if this kind of flame comes out, it won’t be easy to get a little bit of it, and now everyone admires Chen Xiang very much, because he can use this kind of flame, Prevent the alchemy livescore furnace from being melted. On the contrary, Fan Yakun’s breath of flames was very gentle, which didn’t make people feel uncomfortable at all, but what Fan Yakun faced at this time



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